Immediate customer feedback advertising PEC's Author's Festival on County FM


Books & Company is an independent bookstore and more located in beautiful downtown Picton, in the heart of Prince Edward County.

They offer a wide array of well chosen new and gently used books, games, toys, puzzles, stationery, cards, music, and magazines.

For the year’s Prince Edward County Author’s Festival, Books & Company tried something different to get people to attend.

“Our choice was an experiment, to try another form of advertising for the Prince Edward County Author’s Festival.”

David Sweet

Owner, Books & Company

Immediate Results

Compared to other means, David admitted that they had never seen such a response.

Radio didn’t only reach people that had never attended the festival before, after hearing the ad, people reacted immediately to the message.

“We would notice a spike in people phoning the bookstore and coming in. It seemed to happen say half an hour or so of a spot having just run, so we were very impressed!”

David Sweet

Owner, Books & Company


“I would recommend it whether you’re trying to promote a business or event, radio advertising with 99.3 County FM certainly works.”

David Sweet

Owner, Books & Company


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