Connecting people to the home of their dreams with the power of radio


Hartford and Stein Group are a tight group of great professional Realtors here in The County.

James Hartford and Lynn Stein Broker Owners, are from Toronto’s Beach and east end.

As advocates for the new realities of brokerage, Hartford & Stein embrace their role in the community and understand the importance of knowing the ins and outs of their market, i.e. their home.

“We advertised with 99.3 County FM because we’re part of the community, and County FM really exemplifies The County.”

Lynn Stein

Broker Owner, Hartford & Stein

The Evolution of Real Estate


Now that you can see what is for sale and what listings sold for on-line, Realtors have to adapt.

“Once upon a time we were the keepers of the information, but these days you can see what is for sale and what they sold for, on-line, so you get a pretty good idea of the market. That’s a good thing.”

To be extraordinarily important to the transaction, H&S realized they had to know the market, the properties, the areas, and the things that affect The County.

By being “hyper-local”, they protect you, inform you, and help you make really smart and really great decisions.


Hartford & Stein’s ad speaks of their business and their relationship to The County. Even in their everyday life, it always seems to pop-up.

“I have people that go ‘Hey! I heard you on the radio!‘ And that’s what it’s about.”

“that tells me people are listening.”

Lynn Stein

Broker Owner, Hartford & Stein

An Information Hub

Hartford & Stein don’t just use County FM to reach new customers, they use the station to ensure the best customer service experience.

They understand that to be truly great Realtors, they must be extraordinarily valuable to you.

The idea is that they need to be there for County new-comers when they’re looking for a great plumber, fun outings, etc..

“County FM catches the vibe of The County. I recommend County FM to people who are coming in to the county all the time. It’s what we’re all about.”

Lynn Stein

Broker Owner, Hartford & Stein

“As a realtor, people are deciding where they will spend their time. And County FM is that. So I know that we reach them.”

Lynn Stein

Broker Owner, Hartford & Stein


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