How 99.3 County FM helped Picton Home Hardware scale its sales


Picton Home Hardware is a family run business in the heart of Prince Edward County.

They sell everything from lumber, to electronics, to pet supplies, and  more.

Each year in spring, Picton Home Hardware features high quality aluminium docks from DockMaster.

This year, when we advertised with County FM, we sold more docks in one month than we normally do in a whole year and we were one of the top DockMaster dealers in all Ontario.

Adam Busscher

Dealer-Owner, Picton Home Hardware Building Center

Advertising Founders

Picton Home Hardware Building Center was one of the first to advertise with 99.3 FM.

The local Building Center has been using radio to reach their audience with information about seasonal sales and special events they could miss out on.

Like the many in their store, they see the station as a tool to connect with their clientele.

“99.3 gives us a tool that we can use to reach our customer base”

Adam Busscher

Dealer-Owner, Picton Home Hardware Building Center

Pictured above are Dealer-Owners, Adam Busscher, Mark Busscher and Chrissy Busscher receiving the Proud of My Home Award at Home Hardware’s annual Spring Market.

To receive the Proud of My Home Award, recipients must provide superior excellence in customer service and Staff performance, among many other things.

Picton Home Hardware commit and are dedicated to providing their community with expert advice, superior service and competitively priced quality products that are second to none.

“now that [County FM] is starting to stretch out into the Napanee and the Quinte region, it’s helping to draw those people into Prince Edward County and come to our stores.”

Adam Busscher

Dealer-Owner, Picton Home Hardware Building Center

“I think advertising with 99.3 is a solid investment. You can reach your clientele, the number of impressions you get with your customers are great, and it really covers Prince Edward County as a whole.”

Adam Busscher

Dealer-Owner, Picton Home Hardware Building Center

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