99.3 County FM is a proud sponsor of the 9th annual Firelight Lantern Festival

Saturday November 6th at the Picton Fairgrounds

 All-ages, outdoor celebration of art, music and our community.

Congratulations to our on-air winners!

You can still get tickets and info at The Department of Illumination’s website.

As the darker days of autumn descend upon us, The Department of Illumination is bringing the light! Join us for an all-outdoor version of the Firelight Lantern Festival and experience an evening of art, music and community at the Picton Fairgrounds.

This year’s theme is “Vacationland” – costumes are encouraged, so bust out those twinkle lights!

Timed ticketing is being implemented to facilitate social distancing. We encourage those attending without children to book tickets later in the evening in order to leave the earlier time slots for families.

Tickets MUST be purchased in advance through eventbrite.

For more information and tickets visit: Deptofillumination.org