A Day to Listen – in honour of National Indigenous History month Wednesday, June 30th 2021

On June 30th, in honour of National Indigenous History month, radio stations all across Canada, including 99.3 County FM will hold space for A Day To Listen. Learn more at www.downiewenjack.ca

Over 150,000 Indigenous children were taken away to residential schools and over 4100 of those children never returned home. The heartbreaking stories like the 215 children in Kamloops and 761 children in Saskatchewan make us feel like we often don’t know how to help. Join us on June 30th for a Day to Listen. A day to elevate indigenous voices in Canada.

99.3 County FM will be elevating indigenous artists and voices the first and last quarter of every hour between 6am and 6pm. Listen live online at 993countyfm.ca/streaming