A Theatre Club, in cooperation with 99.3 County FM, proudly present: the world radio premier of “The Man with Bogart’s Face” July 11-25th, at 8pm

A Theatre Club in cooperation with 99.3 County FM proudly presents “The Man with Bogart’s Face” by Andrew J. Fenaday

Local actors take on “The Man with Bogart’s Face”, lead by Director Bill McMahon, for a world radio premier of the award-winning film and book by Andrew J Fenady. The play will be told in three parts. Episode 1 will air on Sunday, July 11 at 8 p.m., Episode 2 on Sunday, July 18th at 8 p.m., and Episode 3 on July 25th, at 8 p.m.

A Theatre Club began their radio plays as an outlet to keep local actors active during the pandemic and has become a regular Sunday night feature on 99.3 County FM.

“The Man with Bogart’s Face” will appeal to those who rip through novels or binge-watch film noir mysteries of yesteryear, when hard-boiled detectives partner with sultry dames to battle with mysterious and sinister criminals. This 1940’s era story features an old Hollywood feel and a man, whose true identity we will never know, who has plastic surgery to make himself a Humphrey Bogart double. This tale spins out in a Maltese Falcon fashion on 99.3 County FM.

Phil Knox, Executive Producer of A Theatre Club, “In our third production, the group has expanded our journey on teaching ourselves various techniques of radio plays and will continue to train each other in putting together different styles of productions. We have several new productions in process and we welcome all to join the club and get involved in the fun.

Craig Mills, GM 99.3 County FM, “So very happy to have the live theatre back on-air this July. I know the producers and cast have put in a terrific effort into this new three-part run and we’re excited to offer this “A Theatre Club” production to listeners in PEC and beyond. Highly recommend people do something a little different on Sunday night and enjoy the fine actors from our region free of charge.”

Production Team; Director, Bill McMahon, Production Producer, Anne Russell, Sound Producer, Lenni Stewart.

Cast in alphabetical order; Enno Busse, Jana Busse, Micheline Cox, Emma Dobell, David Forrester, Bob Hicks, Greg Hunter,  Knowlton Hunter, Bill Sheppit, Derek Mendham, Paulina McMahon, Peter Solmes, Lynda Zadan.

Special Thanks to Prinzen Ford, Stinky Canuck, The Concrete Paving Company, Foodland Wellington for sponsoring “The Man with Bogart’s Face”

For more information:

Phillip A Knox , pknox@atheatreclub.ca, 613 403 6069, www.atheatreclub.ca

Craig Mills, 
gm@993countyfm.ca, 613 476 2229, www.993countyfm.ca