Local Communities of Faith Partner with County FM to Present Second Annual “Celebrate Christmas” Broadcast to air Friday, December 24 at 8 pm, and again Saturday, December 25, at noon.

Community Radio Rescues Christmas Eve—Again!

Last year, County FM partnered with Bloomfield United Church and 17 other local communities of faith to broadcast an exceptional Christmas Eve program. With churches at limited capacity and without the usual singing and pageantry, none were able to offer a traditional in-person Christmas Eve experience. Celebrate Christmas was a way to bring, no matter where they were.

The program was so well-received that the organizers and participants enthusiastically agreed to a reprise for 2021. This year, listeners will enjoy three additional entries, bringing the total to 20 participants.

Celebrate Christmas answers the question: What do the faithful do when “there’s no room at the inn?”

“Many churches now have some kind of online worship option, whether it’s a livestream on Facebook or YouTube or Zoom,” says Rev. Cathy Duggan of Bloomfield United Church, organizer. “But like many parts of rural Ontario, internet in the County isn’t always great. And all churches have at least a few folks in their congregations who just don’t use the internet—period.”

99.3 County FM to the rescue!

Duggan approached 99.3 County FM, the community radio station in Prince Edward County, and proposed a program of Christmas scripture readings and carols to be broadcast on the radio on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The station’s General Manager, Craig Mills, and Production Manager Pat Larkin were eager to help. After all, everybody has a radio!

With the venue problem solved, other ministries quickly jumped on board.

As pandemic concerns are still very much an issue for the community, Celebrate Christmas invites everybody to enjoy the magic of Christmas, even when congregating is not an option.

Archdeacon Charles Morris of St. Mary Magdalene Anglican church and Chair of the Prince Edward Ministerial Association co-manages the project with Rev. Duggan and also acts as recording engineer for most of the musical pieces. Pat Larkin then pulls all of the elements together to produce a Christmas Eve show like no other.

Says Craig Mills from 99.3 County FM, “Rev. Duggan’s idea was to create a non-denominational and inclusive event. We embraced the project as a chance to help the community heal and celebrate without anybody feeling like they missed Christmas. It is a privilege for 99.3 County FM to take this on, and it’s on track to become our newest holiday tradition. The program airs on 99.3 FM and streams across Canada and around the globe @ www.993CountyFM.ca.”

Twenty County congregations, schools, and missions will participate in Celebrate Christmas this year, offering scripture, carols, and extending Christmas greetings on behalf of their congregations. “Coming together in the spirit of community is a small Christmas miracle in itself,” says Duggan.

Celebrate Christmas airs exclusively on 99.3 County FM on Friday, December 24 at 8 pm and will repeat on Saturday, December 25 at noon.

Click here for a printer/text copy of the complete programme.

2021 Participating Congregations


St. Mary Magdalene, Picton

St. Philip’s, Milford

St Andrew’s, Wellington


Consecon United

Cressy/Glenora United


Friendship, Demorestville


South Bay, Milford


Roman Catholic

St. Gregory the Great, Picton

Additional participants:

Bethany Christian Reformed, Bloomfield

Emmanuel Baptist, Bloomfield

Gilead Fellowship, Picton

New Life Women’s Home, Plainfield

Picton Free Methodist

Picton Salvation Army

Sonrise Christian Academy

St. Gregory Catholic School

Wesley Acres Camp, Bloomfield

For more information, please contact:

Rev. Cathy Duggan, Bloomfield United 613-438-3631 – crduggan72@gmail.com

Craig Mills, 99.3 County FM, 613-476-2229 – gm@993countyfm.ca