Put your money where your heart is, shop local

During these challenging times, staying safe and taking care of your family and friends is at the top of everyone’s list.  Chances are good you know one of our local business owners in the community. A local business may have sponsored your child’s sports team, donated an item for a silent auction, offered summer employment to your neighbour’s kid, or even helped with fundraising for the library or hospital.  

For you and your family, shopping local means more.  You can see how local fruits, vegetables, and meats have been treated and grown.  If you have a question about a bill or a product, you can talk directly with the person who grew it, made it, or delivered it to your porch.  Because they know you, they also keep your tastes and needs in mind. Finally, in dollars and cents: According to the Maine Centre for Economics in 2011, every $100 spent at a local business contributes $58 to the local economy.  By comparison, $100 at a chain store yields just $33 in local economic impact. 

Shopping local is good for everyone in our community and good for you. Take care of your neighbours and yourself – shop local.  Here are some of the terrific PEC businesses now offering safe LOCAL shopping. Buy online, phone, and/or curbside….