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1) Radio Advertising Reaches the Majority Of The Population.
Radio reaches over 93% of the Canadian population over 12 years old each week. Radio is the dominant out-of-home media.


2) Radio Targets Your Customers.
Radio can target your customers. Unlike print media, radio is able to reach the right people at the right time with the right message at the right cost.


3) Radio sells everywhere.
Radio is truly the best mobile medium. Whether your potential customer is in their car, at work, at play, or online, radio is there. It’s the advertising force that your customers take with them wherever they go. No Media Reaches More People More Often For Less!


4) Radio can make your ad shine with “Theatre of the Mind”.

The impact of your ad is magnified by the emotional and motivating power of audio. Research has demonstrated that audio messaging has more impact on consumers than either video or print ads. You can have a 100-piece symphony orchestra in your ad, an elephant, a chorus, a laughing child or a love song ..radio can do all of that.  With word pictures and emotion-evoking sounds, radio’s theatre of the mind makes you ad stand out from the rest!


5) Radio sells with intimacy.
In your personal life, when you have something important you wish to communicate to someone, which method would you prefer? To show them a picture? To write to them?  Or would you prefer to talk to them using the intimacy and emotion of the human voice? Radio sells with intimacy by using the human voice to convince. In fact host endorsements typically drive a 400% increase in listener response over non-endorsed spots.


6) Radio sells with urgency.
Research has proven that radio advertising regularly reaches consumers within two hours of their largest purchase of the day. There’s no better time to reach customers than on their car radio while they are driving to do today’s shopping!


7) Radio advertising engages your consumers more than any other media.
In fact, the engagement levels for radio advertising (the percentage of people who actively pay attention to the ads) is by far the highest of any mass media.

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