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1. Make sure your message is relevant

It’s important that your message is not only relevant to your customer’s life, but that it creates an interest in your business. Your ad needs to make them WANT to know more.

Accomplishing that allows you to brand your company’s name into their long term memory. Your goal should be to get across the experience for them of using your product, or explaining how your services will benefit them. 

If they can picture it in their life, they will create a need for it.

2.    Make your audience taste, feel and touch your product through the power of their imaginations.

Radio is known as “The theatre of the mind”, an effective tool for attracting attention.

If you have unique elements, it will stand out among the commercial clutter. A sound effect, unusual theme music or “sound signature” will help your ads make a bigger impression.

However if you use common clichés and generalities, the listener (i.e.: YOUR potential customer) will simply tune your ad out. Find an angle and do something different.

Make your audience taste, feel and touch your product through the power of their imaginations.

3.    Have a simple and compelling call to action.

Being compelling means soliciting that “oh!” moment and simple means they don’t have to think too much.

Make sure your ad answers the question: what’s in it for me?

Is it a product or service that will solve a problem quickly, safely, better and more conveniently than anything else?


Be relevant and compelling and you’ll make the most of your ad time.

4.    Forget Phone Numbers

To be honest including your phone number is a waste of your valuable ad time.


The listener won’t remember them.


Most people are listening to their radio in their cars or at work and in both cases trying to remember or write down a phone number is expecting way too much. Remember there are many ways to find a business’s phone number. They’ll find it if they’re interested.

5.    Keep it Simple

If you try to promote too much information the listener will never remember it. Worst case, it’ll bore them and you’ll lose them altogether.

Your potential customer has too on their minds already. Stick to only the most compelling point(s), and keep it simple.

A helpful trick can be to repeat that main point to help consumers confirm they heard the information correctly and solidify it in their memory.

If your message clearly states how your business can help the consumer, it will be remembered and your business will be Top Of Mind.

Remember: Repetition Sells.

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