Board Minutes Sept 20, 2012

County Community Radio Minutes for September 20th, 2012

Attended: Angela Stever, John Mather, Doug Monk, Treat Hull, Mary Sinclair, Peter Fleming

Absent: Shelagh Mathers, Bernie Finkelstein

Kristina Clemmons will be coming to talk to the board about programming and some of things that can be done now, while our application is still under consideration from the CRTC.

Peter will check in with the CRTC to see how things are moving along with our license application.

John has looked at a couple of places we could use to house our studio, including the County Farm Centre and the Armory Mall. The search continues.

Doug is working with Loyalist College to see if volunteers can do some on-air shifts to help with training, as we get closer to a start-up date.

10 new members signed up at the Milford Fair. Mary will send out an updated newsletter this week to members.

Next Meeting: Thursday, October 4th, 1pm