Here’s everything you need to submit an application for your very own program.


  • You will need to provide the station will a play list ahead of time. The station will have the final say on the play list.
  • The show will be 60 minutes in length with one stop set (commercial break).
  • You should choose 12 songs which will give you more than enough to fill the time. Six of the songs chosen MUST be Canadian.
  • You’ll have to check well ahead of time to see if the songs are in our library. If your songs aren’t there, you will need to provide them. The original CD is preferred, but If you don’t have the original CD and you are supplying your own songs on a USB thumb drive, they need to be in .mp3 format at 320 bit rate.
  • You’ll need to think of what you want to say before each song (the intro) and what you will say after it has played (the backsell). Your comments should relate to the history of the song, what the song means to you or a funny story involving the song. You can use themes, genres…anything you want.
  • There is to be no profanity, religious or political discussion.
  • An experienced host will work with you in the studio to make sure the show goes smoothly.
  • The station will promote your show on the air ahead of time, but to really maximise the experience, tell all of your friends and family.
  • You are absolutely required to have fun.

Download the application:


If you have any questions, please email