Board Mtg December 6, 2011

The newly-elected Board of the County Community Radio project held it’s first meeting on Tuesday, December 6th.

The following roles were agreed:


  • Chair – Treat Hull
  • Engineering  Doug Monk
  • Communications/stakeholder support  Mary Sinclair
  • Legal  Shelagh Mathers
  • Regulatory  Peter Fleming
  • Programming  Angie Stever/Conrad Beaubien/John Mather
  • Fundraising Treat Hull


  • Secretary – Ange Stever
  • Treasurer – Shelagh Mathers
The Board authorized Doug Monk to undertake the broadcast engineering study (required by regulators to prove that a frequency is available) with a budget up to $6,000 plus tax.
The Board agreed to meet weekly in order to complete the license application by the end of March 2012.