Donations are an essential part of the funding needed to keep our not-for-profit on the air and serving our community. Advertising revenue only provides two-thirds of the funds needed to keep our station on the air. Donations over $20 receive an income tax receipt issued by The County Foundation which is collecting funds on our behalf.

Donate in person

Come to the studio at 38 Cold Storage Road in Picton to drop off cash or a cheque. Please make the cheque payable to “The County Foundation” with “99.3 County FM” in the memo space.

Donate online

You can donate to CountyFM online by CLICKING HERE

Other ways to donate

You can donate by e-transfer. Please send your donation to and be sure to include a message saying the funds are a donation to 99.3 CountyFM and include your contact info so that we can get you your charitable receipt.