99.3 CountyFM & Bay Subaru Covid Companion

Our 99.3 CountyFM Covid Companion of the Week


Let’s recognize the bright spots: Enjoying nature, and spending quality time with your faithful COVID Companions, whether they’re furry, feathery or scaly!

99.3 County FM and Bay Subaru are excited to bring you a new online creature feature.

Upload an image of your special pet from home anytime at our 99.3 Covid Companion Facebook Group Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/993CovidCompanion/

Or, send the image with your name and your companion’s to promotions@993countyfm.ca

Add a few words describing how your companion makes staying safe at home more fun!

Bay Subaru and 99.3 County FM will also feature one pet of the week on our website and the 99.3 Covid Companion Facebook group.

Your best friend deserves a scratch behind the ears, share the joy. Each week we will take one of the images and highlight it as our Covid Companion of the week.