“Celebrate Christmas” A partnership with PEC churches. An exclusive special on 99.3 County FM.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day join us for “Celebrate Christmas”. 99.3 County FM presents a program of carols, readings and Christmas blessings from participating churches throughout Prince Edward County.

It’s a new way to celebrate treasured holiday traditions in this challenging year… Airing exclusively on 99.3 County FM at 8pm Christmas Eve and played again at noon Christmas Day.

You can also join us anywhere in the world by listening online at 993countyfm.ca

Join the 99.3 County FM Family to “Celebrate Christmas” and bring joy and peace into your house this Christmas Eve and Christmas afternoon.

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Participating Congregations:


  1. St. Mary Magdalene- Picton,
  2. St. Philip’s-Milford,
  3. St. John’s- Waupoos,
  4. St Andrew’s-Wellington


  1. Cressy
  2. Glenora,
  3. Picton,
  4. Friendship-Demorestville
  5. Bloomfield
  6. South Bay, Milford

Roman Catholic

  1. St. Gregory the Great


  1. Picton Free Methodist
  2. Bethany Christian Reformed, Bloomfield
  3. Emmanuel Baptist, Bloomfield.
  4. Picton Salvation Army
  5. Gilead Fellowship, Picton
  6. St Andrew’s Presbyterian, Picton

Production Team:  Special thanks to all of the 17 churches and contributors, especially to our production leaders Rev. Cathy Duggan, Archdeacon Charles Morris, and Prod/IT Manager Pat Larkin.

From 99.3 County FM – Connecting The County.