Community Radio Advocacy Campaign

Keep 99.3 County FM Strong and Vibrant!

In 2022, our 99.3 County FM team of 108 volunteers (and 4 FT staff) racked up 21,266 volunteer hours providing up to date information about your community. We produced 6700+ Public Service Announcements promoting online events, services, cancellations, and fundraising programs.

Every year since Covid began, we have broadcast the Grade 8 and High School graduation ceremonies and have worked with as many as 19+ communities of faith to create a non-denominational service on Christmas Eve and Day.  Our daily newsmagazine, The Grapevine, interviews 15 or more local people and organizations weekly that span a variety of topics: from politics, COVID-19 and health and safety, to business, science, literature, culinary, film and the arts. Our playlist that exceeds our commitment to the CRTC is heavy with Canadian artists and gives County musicians airplay every day, throughout the day.

Decisions are now being made where your advocacy and support can make a real difference.  

The federal government is currently working on the budget for April 1, 2023 to March 30, 2024. This budget will affect the ability of community radio stations to develop and expand existing services.  

At this time there is no consistent operational (core) funding available for our (or any community) station.  Much of our volunteer time and energy is devoted to grant writing, fundraising, and soliciting donations. This affects our capacity to grow and expand our offerings.  

The Community Radio Fund of Canada, and three main community radio associations are asking the Canadian government to create annual Community Broadcast Support Fund of $24.2 million dollars which will provide consistent, reliable support to all 235 community, campus, and Indigenous radio stations.  

As part of the funding that the CRFC has been able to provide – a 5 year program providing us with paid journalists will end in March 24 and we want it to continue. This program allowed Craig Foster, our news director, to have more time to train and work with volunteers. It also enabled us to hire Alexander Wright as a community reporter who has provided live interviews with local politicians and leaders, regular reports on council meetings, and more. 

We need your help to continue and expand these services. By sending your MP a letter expressing your support of the request by the Community Radio Fund of Canada.   

We have attached a sample of our own letter. It is more fulsome than we can expect of you however it gives you an example. Actual letter sent by 99.3 County FM.

Below you will see a template that might be helpful to you, at the base of the template is who to send the letter to.

Thank you very much for your support,

Craig Mills,

General Manager,
99.3 County FM

Ps. more information about Bill C-11, NCRA Brief