Dear 99.3 CountyFM listeners, advertisers, and community groups

Dear 99.3 CountyFM listeners, advertisers, and community groups.

On Saturday July 23rd, as most of you know, many areas of Prince Edward County experienced a prolonged hydro outage.

CountyFM has two very good quality generators, one at the station and one at the broadcast tower. Our generator at the tower ran for 5 hours and then failed leaving us off the air for much of Saturday afternoon. The generators did have their annual service call. Our exceptional volunteer transmission team do test runs and monitor the generators on a continuous basis. The failure was related to a part we could not replace without the supplier’s involvement.

This is the first time that we did not have the resources to rectify a problem and get the station back on-air. The generators have kept us going in 30 to 40 major instances since their purchase plus in many more short outages.

We are working on ideas for further redundancy and resources as we never want to fail in our ability to serve the PEC community. We know we let you down on Saturday and are committed to doing better.


Craig Mills
General Manager
99.3 County FM