Kick Off Meeting Minutes

County Community Radio
Kick Off Meeting

Bloomfield Town Hall, November 30, 2011

Meeting Summary

The County Community Radio Kick Off Meeting held at Bloomfield Town Hall on November 30 was attended by 31 people.

1. Purpose and principles

David Simmonds, speaking for the Ad Hoc Committee, presented the following purpose and principles for discussion:


To fund and operate a not for profit community radio station that reflects and enhances the richness, diversity and economic vitality of Prince Edward County


  • Operating where feasible through volunteers
  • Seeking to provide content that is original to the County
  • Aiming to be available throughout the County
  • Addressing the needs of both residents and visitors
  • Encouraging broad participation in the development and delivery of programs
  • Promoting membership throughout the County

The following issues were raised in discussion:

  • Is it clear enough that one of the fundamental goals of the station is to promote local economic development?
  • The purpose should include supporting the County’s emergency communication and preparedness plan.

The points raised were referred to the incoming Initial Directors for action.

2. Potential programming

A brainstorming session identified an extended list of programming ideas for consideration as part of the planning process. (See Appendix I.)

3. Other planning issues

  • PELA-CFDC could be a source of seed money for the broadcast engineering study.
  • To encourage companies to participate as members, maybe there could be a special advertizing rate for companies who are members.
  • Is domain available?

4. Resolutions

The following two resolutions passed unanimously:


That we strongly support in principle  the need for a not-for-profit community radio station that reflects and enhances the richness, diversity and economic vitality of Prince Edward County based on the key operating principles presented earlier.


That 8 Founding Directors will be elected to pursue a licence consistent with the purpose and operating principles agreed to.  

That, if they determine applying for  a licence to be technically feasible, they proceed to incorporate and serve as founding directors of the corporation until an initial meeting of members to be held by the end of May, 2012.

That the directors provide  a detailed report to that meeting on the status of the draft applicaton.

That everyone who has left a name and contact information at tonight’s meeting be entitled to be considered as a member of  the corporation.

5. Election

The following were elected as Initial Director by acclamation:

  • Ange Stever
  • Conrad Beaubien
  • Doug Monk
  • John Mather
  • Mary Sinclair
  • Peter Fleming
  • Shelagh Mathers
  • Treat Hull

Appendix I
Potential Programming Ideas


  • New business profiles..  creative minds on the air
  • Local businesses…  automotive, marine, fishing, water skiing, safety, real estate.. how to buy/sell


  • Medical/fitness/safety.. (seasonal)
  • Holistic healing issues.. alternative treatment.. Healing Hour.


  • History of county past or present personalities, programming around historical events that shape the County


  • Agriculture and anything related to it..  wineries, orchards, farms
  • Farm markets.. farm diary

Food & Wine

  • Restaurants..
  • Culinary ideas, gourmet to go..


  • Daily news program..  flash news..  maybe several times a day.
  • News – should be frequent with weather.

Public Affairs

  • Massey lectures… educational items from people in the community.
  • Forum with people discussing  something of topical interest to the county
  • Current Events ..  How does the county fit into the BIG picture..  i.e., what effect will the European Union issues mean to us.
  • Council meetings review


  • Octogenarian show..  focus on seniors


  • Kids show..  air cadets, girl guides, 4H etc.,
  • School ‘hour’ where schools could rotate and have opportunity to be on the air


  • Contemporary science show.. with emphasis on local issues
  • Natural history of the county.. plants, geology

Music & Arts

  • Summer reading, etc, talk show paired with music..
  • Music – profiling county music.. there is so much musical talent in the county ( also visiting artists?).. content in a variety of types that suit the target audiences
  • Arts in the county

Live Events

  • Remotes from live events around the county


  • Profile of volunteer opportunities in the county
  • Profiles of individuals of interest from the county
  • Archiving programming on the internet?
  • Legal program
  • French programming
  • Profiles of not for profit organizations, businesses and individuals
  • Information for visitors, migrants, residents
  • Tourism.. and enhancing the ability of local businesses to reach tourists