Planning Principles

Not-for-profit.  This should be a not-for-profit venture, in part to attract broad support within the community.
Over-the-air transmission.  We should start with a low-power Development Licence, to be followed by a Type B higher-power licence, plus Internet transmission.
Timeframe.  We will work towards a startup in 12 months, with full operation in 24 months.
Community benefit.  The purpose will be to benefit our community.
County-centric.  Our focus will be exclusively on Prince Edward County.
Inclusive.  We will be as inclusive as possible in terms of participation and programming.
Consensus-building.  Our orientation will be towards consensus-building rather than highlighting controversy.
Broad demographic.  We will appeal to all significant demographic groups in the County – younger / older, long-time / newer residents, etc.
Location.  We prefer to have studios in a location that will result in the station’s becoming a drop-in / meeting place.
Transparency.  We will be as transparent as possible about our plans, which will help us build credibility and support.
Branding.  We need a strong brand, introduced early to make the station seem real to the community.
Quick progress.  We need to make steady progress and get on the air as soon as possible, to ensure that interest is maintained.
Governance.  For the time being, we will work with an informal governance structure, and formalize only as necessary for the licence application and/or fundraising.