Here’s the news everyone has been waiting for, the station’s program shows and hosts. This is still a work in progress and will undoubtedly see some additions and changes as we get ready to go on the the air this fall, but here it is:


During the daytime (6AM to 6 PM) the station will have an accessible, adult contemporary sound. “Think CBC a few years ago” according to General Manager Jim (JJ) Johnston, with regular hosts playing music interspersed with local news, interesting guests and brief specialty items. So far, the daytime hosts are:




Host Program Description
Paul Snepsts The Sneptic Tank Alternative Rock
Dave Wheatly The Regent Rocks Metal and Hard Rock
Baruch Zone The Jazzone Jazz
Patrick Headley Classics in the County Classical Music
Franklin Bailey County Reggae Reggae
Peggy Voigt The Canadian Blues Scene Blues information and music
Jeannette Arsenault and Michel Berube Bonjour PEC Francophone show, including both Quebec and Acadian music
Ken Murray The Horn Trip Variety of music
TBD County Party Time You bring the party, we bring the tunes
Host Program Description
Christine Renaud and Lynn Pickering County Writes, County Reads Reading, books and writing in the County
Robin Timmerman and Sooz Thorn The Mystery Show Discussions about mystery books and news
Alan Gratias Roger the Detective Dog Live readings from his mysteries
Dave Sommers Cap’n Dave Comedy show
Ken Campbell Let’s Talk Dog Dog training and care
Robert Hamilton The Pulse Public Affairs
Pamela Stagg The County Naturally The natural world of the County
PECAC County Arts Scene 0
Lynn Fennell Community Arts Updates 0
Bill Roberts The Movie Show News, reviews, interviews
Don Watson and Carlotta Rutledge Radio Plays Radio plays with local people playing the parts