Grapevine Tuesday: Mayor-elect Robert Quaiff In-Studio

Coming up on the Tuesday Edition of The County Grapevine with your hosts Paul Snepsts and Lynn Pickering …

Municipal Election Wrap-up

Mayor-elect Robert Quaiff joins us in-studio to talk about the challenges he faces in his new appointment, and the road ahead for The County and its new-look Council.

Since he’s already in-studio installing shelving (only kind of kidding), new Picton Councillor, and 99.3 County FM stalwart Treat Hull joins us to talk about his new role.

In the days ahead we’ll be hearing from many of our new and returning Councillors, so keep it tuned to 99.3 County FM.

Ask the Expert

Money, money, money.  Can’t do much without it.  Independent Financial Advisor Brent Timm joins us in-studio for some quality wallet-talk.

If you’ve got a question for one of our guests just drop us an email at, or tweet them at Paul: @SnepticTank

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