• Please note that you do not need to fill out the general volunteer form if you are filling out this one.

    99.3 County FM is a volunteer operated community station. Our mission is to strengthen and enrich the Prince Edward County community by delivering volunteer produced radio programming. With this in mind, we give priority to programming that:

    • Is produced by groups, not individuals
    • Has local content and roots in the listening community
    • Includes a diversity of grassroots voices from all over the County
    • Identifies an audience that it wishes to serve
    • Respects its audience
    • Plays music that is not available on existing stations
    • Commits to weekly programming of 2 hours in length
    • Puts a premium on local artists and Canadian content, where applicable
    • Contributes to meeting our regulatory obligations (non-pop music, Spoken Word etc.)
    • Contributes to public safety and emergency messages
    • Contributes to fundraising and other support of County community not-for-profit organizations

    Please use this form to tell us how your proposed programming will meet our mission and programming priorities.

  • Time Slot Preference:

  • Format (###)###-####
  • Additional Requirements:

    Police Check Requirement

    Please note that if your application for a program position is accepted, you will be required to undergo a Police Check before going on air.  We will help you through that process at that time.

    Voice Test Requirement

    As part of the normal procedure of selecting our hosts, you will be required to take and pass a brief voice test.

  • Sample Program Log

    1. To complete your Radio Show Proposal Form, you must download the following Sample Log Form:
      Download Sample Program Log Form (PDF)
    2. Fill it out and save it to your computer.
    3. Using the box below, navigate to your saved program log.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 512 MB.
  • Programmer/Show Host Agreement

    This is an agreement to review the basic responsibilities, which each programmer must fulfill in order for the station to operate smoothly for all volunteers and listeners. Programmers/Hosts who are unable or unwilling to adhere to these requirements will be required to meet with the Station Manager, who will communicate with the Programming Committee for decisions on suspension of programs or membership. Be sure to read, review and adhere to all policies and procedures as found in the Programmers Manual.

    In the area of Programming you agree to:

    • Ensure all programming requirements are met to meet our promise of performance to the CRTC.
    • You agree that 45% of all songs played each week qualify as Canadian content. You agree to make sure there is representation per week from Prince Edward County and regional artists (where applicable).
    • You agree that you will ensure a minimum 20% per week in Spoken Word content. You will meet the program description provided in your application form particularly with regard to specialty music.
    • Ensure all items listed on the log are followed, played when scheduled and signed off. This includes recorded announcements/commercial/ PSA’s etc. Also ensure any logged “live” items are read i.e. sponsorship logs (if required) where logged and signed off immediately.
    • Ensure the CRTC Loggers are working properly. You are responsible to check to make sure they are recording before, during and after each show
    • Ensure Playlists are completed in full before every show and reconciled for any changes immediately after your show, indicating Canadian content and any other changes.
    • Treat the equipment with respect, keep the studio clean, have no food/drink at the console.
    • Review and adhere to all policies and procedures as found in the Programmers Manual.

    In the area of Station Development you agree to:

    • Attend occasional meetings or supplementary training sessions if requested.
    • Participate in membership drives or fundraisers for the station if possible.
    • Put in occasional volunteer time or take on a volunteer role to assist in the operation and development of the station.
    • Treat other 99.3 County FM volunteers with respect and be as cooperative and flexible as possible.

    In the area of Building Security you agree to:

    • Supervise any guests you invite and ensure they adhere to all rules and policies.
    • Immediately report any problems, strange occurrences, emergencies or concerns to the Station Manager.
    • Ensure you do not disrupt other groups in the building [enter/exit, volume levels]
    • Keep your entrance keys secure and follow procedures for entering and exiting the building
    • Remove outdoor footwear to reduce cleaning costs
    • Clean up the studios and the entire office area and deposit the garbage in the designated area. It’s up to all of us to keep our station clean
    • The understanding that any incidents that endanger the corporation’s arrangement with the County Farm Centre, or damage or misuse of County Farm Centre property, may result in revocation of your membership, and broadcasting privileges

    By clicking "Submit" you certify that you have reviewed and consent to this agreement's content as described above. You further certify that you have reviewed the Programmer's Manual and agree to its content.