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Timezone: EDT [UTC-4]
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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About the Show

This is a show about wandering through music and connected stories. Each week The Horn Trip will take its starting point in Prince Edward County – from a local resident, writer, artist, musician, historical happening, or news event – and from there the journey begins. The starting point might be a story, a musical request, a reading, or even a short interview that gives a place from which to jump off into a song.

From this song comes the next song, but the connection from one song to the next to next can go in any direction. The possibilities are limitless – references in the songs, musical influences, collaborators in the music, historical events, et cetera. Each week we will move back and forth in time, across continents, and listen to many different kinds of music, drawing connections along the way.

The Horn Trip will be a one hour journey through musical genres, whether popular music, folk, country, punk, jazz and classical. There will always be a surprise or two, perhaps even a little discovery, and our goal each week will be to get back home at the end of the adventure.

Are you a County resident with a song or story that you’re dying to hear on the radio?

Hosted by Ken Murray