Volunteers needed for crowdfunding

indegogo 325 x 325Want to help with fundraising for the station but don’t like to ask for money? We have an urgent need for people who would like to volunteer to help with an innovative, on-line crowdfunding initiative we will be launching early in the new year.

A relatively new invention, crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. It’s a great way to promote a sense of community around a new project, and to reward donors with a wide range of perks and incentives. For examples of such campaigns, please visit www.kickstarter.com or www.indiegogo.com.

While we are looking for some special skills – photography and video editing – several of the positions are open to anyone with an interest in helping the station and learning a new skill. The volunteer positions are as follows:

Social Media Updaters – Volunteers will help spread the word about the progress of the campaign by posting updates on facebook and twitter when new incentives are posted, significant donations are made, milestones are hit and so forth. It will be a good learning experience for anyone who wants to learn more about social media or about crowdfunding campaigns. Volunteers should be prepared to contribute around 5 hours a week during the campaign. We can provide training and mentoring on this. No previous experience required. To express interest, please contact Ryan at ryan_aldred@hotmail.com.

Incentive Canvasser – Volunteers will contact local businesses to ask for rewards or incentives that we can provide to donors. For example, gift baskets or private wine tastings. Each volunteer should be willing to contact 5 to 10 businesses. To express interest, please contact Lyndsay at info@experiencepicton.com.

Photographers – We’d like four volunteers to help with the development of the promotional video that accompanies this campaign by either taking photographs of the County or contacting existing photographers and asking for permission to use their photos. If interested, please contact Lyndsay at info@experiencepicton.com.

Video Developers – The video developer will be asked to arrange the photos into a slideshow, prepare the voiceover and generate the video. Basic experience with Windows Movie Maker or a similar program is essential. If interested, please contact Ryan at ryan_aldred@hotmail.com.

The campaign will use www.indiegogo.com to try and raise approximately $10,000 to purchase the broadcast antenna and will launch shortly after the station’s CRTC approval has been received. Thank you for your interest, and please contact Ryan (ryan_aldred@hotmail.com) or Lyndsay (info@experiencepicton.com) if you have any questions.