Todd Smith, M.P.P., congratulates County FM!


To the Great Folks at County Radio:

Radio is one of the greatest tools for communication in human history. It began as a way for our leaders to talk to us. President Roosevelt got the United States through the depression with his broadcasted fireside chats. It became a way for our best journalists to report to us the news of the world, like Edward R. Murrow did as he broadcasted from London in the heart of the Blitz. Leading, educating and informing the people gave radio its purpose.

In its second act, radio gave us the ability to tell stories. It gave us the ability to entertain. Paul Harvey told us The Rest of the Story and Peter Gzowski woke up a generation of Canadians on Morningside. It gave us a way to communicate about the major issues of our day, using the radio both as moderator and commentator. Here in our own Quinte region, this phase of radio’s history created a radio giant of our own Peter Thompson and thousands still tune in everyday to listen to the Lorne Brooker Show.

County Radio has a chance to be a part of this tradition. It has the chance to do for_ residents of the County what radio has done for decades. This station will have the ability to educate, inform, lead and tell stories. It has the chance to become the voice and the conscience of the County. In one of Ontario’s most politically engaged communities, this radio station will provide an invaluable service.

I heartily congratulate Country Radio,‘ its volunteers and its proponents on their successful bid to get CRTC licensing. I look forward to tuning my dial to County Radio when I’m at events in Picton, Wellington, Milford and Consecon. Knowing the people involved, I have complete faith that they’ll do the traditions of Murrow, Gzowski and my old buddy, Peter Thompson, proud.


    Todd Smith

MPP, Price-Edwards-Hastings