Tune in to 99.3 County FM and listen to “From the Ground Up” as we provide the Farm Report daily at 6am and 6pm, Monday-Friday.

Check out our extended interviews with members of the agricultural Community as we aim to inform & educate our listeners every Thursday during Grapevine at noon and 6pm.

The station’s mandate is to cover the farming industry and we ensure that our stories are relevant to our local community.

The Farm Reports highlight the breadth of our farming sector from production to processing to wholesale and then retail.

  • We have 375 farms in Prince Edward County with a total of almost 500 employees.
  • Each week, we examine PEC’s agriculture roots and discuss with local people who are part of PEC’s farming sector to discuss how it’s evolving and is the #2 industry in PEC.
  • Climate change, and relevant agricultural practices are just some of the topics that we discuss with farmers as they address and adapt to the changing environment.

Listen live, or stream as we deliver information, human-interest stories that are Important and relevant to our community.

The Farm Report is made possible with the support of The County Foundation and sponsored by Wilkinson & Company.