“Voices from the Shadows: Homeless in a Rural Community”

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Voices from the Shadows: Homelessness in a Rural Community

Listen to this amazing series that was broadcast April 6 – May 25 2023.

In 2022-2023, volunteers from the radio station interviewed more than 60 individuals in and around the
local homeless community and the organizations who serve them. These are the voices of
homelessness, past and present, and the people trying to help them today. Their stories are, in turn,
uplifting, surprising, and gut-wrenching.


Click here to listen to any of the eight episodes

  • Rough Waters Ahead, an Overview – Thurs April 6
  • The Kindness of Strangers, Services – Thurs April 13
  • Mental Health – Thurs April 20
  • Addiction and Substance Use – Thurs April 27
  • The Role of Trauma – Thurs May 4
  • Kate’s Rest and “The Big Island Model” – Thurs May 11
  • Resilience and Innovation  – Thurs May 18
  • Housing First: Exit Strategy? Or Just a Good Start? – Thurs May 25

Watch the introductory video by Persuasive Films Inc: https://youtu.be/IUlHBw6u8MI

Survey – Social Issues in Prince Edward County

This is part two of the survey we launched in October 2022. After you listen to some or all of the
8 part series “Voices from the Shadows: Homelessness in a Rural Community?” We want to hear from you.

If you are interested in volunteering or donating to a non-profit group or charity that supports the “unhomed”, and/or those experiencing food insecurity, please click here to view services in our region.

Thank you to the volunteers, staff, and community members who contributed to this series:

All the interview subjects who kindly shared their experiences
Astrid Young – Script Writer
Andrew Dailey & Chuck Dailey – Original Music and Production 
Cliff Prentice – Project Volunteer
Craig Mills – Project Lead
Dave Mackay – Program Designer & Interviewer
Gillian Carson – Project Manager
JJ Johnston – Announcer
Larry Richardson – Picton United Church Food Bank Volunteer
Liz Simpson – Production Assistant
Lorraine Willson – Grant Writer
Mark Rodgers – Host & Interviewer
Mike Harper – Assistant Program Designer
Pat Larkin – Production Lead
Persuasive Films Inc. & their amazing team – Video
Philip Knox – Host & Interviewer
The Community Radio Fund of Canada
Tristan Treasure – Web Design
Wendy Mesley – Narrator