Chris Byrne

Chris hosts Global Grooves from 7:00pm to 8:00pm on Monday evenings.

Born and raised in Belleville, Chris is passionate about both community and music. As a result he is very excited that CountyFM exists, and he is enjoying seeing the effect the station is having on our county community. He saw his first rock concert (The Who) at a young age, and has gone on to see thousands of concerts since; including many of the rock, jazz, reggae/world, electronic and classical music greats of our time. He is glad to have the opportunity, through Global Grooves and Folk Roots, to share his passion for ethnomusicology, and to let these musical traditions be heard. He has a professional background in advertising/marketing, he has also worked many years as a vegetarian chef. Catch his segment on vegetarian cooking monthly on the County Cooks.