Donna Purcell

Donna volunteers behind the scenes with the admin team and hosts the Afternoon Drive from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Wednesday.

Donna is a retired chemical engineer who spent 32 years in the automotive business and her hobbies include painting, golfing, curling, travelling and, of course, going to concerts. Her first albums were The Monkees, and Rubber Soul by The Beatles, a Christmas gift that started a lifelong passion for music which led to her attending hundreds of concerts for a wide range of music – from Dwight Yoakum to Harry Styles to Marilyn Manson and everyone in between, but her favourite bands are U2 and Blue Rodeo. Donna started on reception after a neighbour mentioned that 99.3 was looking for volunteers just after the station went on the air and once Deb figured out Donna had a good head for numbers and knew her way around a computer, she was put to work on Accounts Receivable. After a few episodes of “Donna’s Concert Calendar” on UB the DJ, she was asked to go on the air as a regular. And apparently all those years of talking too much in school finally paid off.