June 8th, 2012, Board Minutes

Minutes for County Community Radio Meeting, June 8th, 2012

Attended: Treat, Mary, Angela, Peter, John, Bernie, Doug

Absent: , Shelagh, Louise

First meeting of the new board. Roles will remain the same for the time being, with Bernie now responsible for compliance.

Technical: Doug to send engineering map to Belleville stations and we will follow-up in the near future with a supplementary brief on programming and financials. Also,we may want to send the engineers report to CJAI (Amherst Island).

Contact Tim Rorabek about possible help in engineering.

Programming: Ange to send Peter brief summary on programming schedule by June 18th.

Marketing: Taking into account response from the AGM, we will have Tim Snyder try out a few more designs. Ange will meet to discuss some ideas on June 14th.

Mary to come up with a list of events we can take part in over the coming months.

Licencing: First draft of the licence application has been completed. Please send Peter any changes on your personal descriptions.

Next Meeting: Discuss whic h directors will be on for one year and two year terms.

Next meeting: Thursday June 21st, 2012 at 1pm