Minutes June 21st, 2012 Meeting

Minutes for County Community Radio Meeting, June 21st, 2012

Attended: Treat, Mary, Angela, Peter, John, Bernie, Shelagh,

Absent:  Louise, Doug

The board adopted the following directors terms: 2 years for Ange, Doug, Mary and Shelagh. One year terms for John, Peter, Treat and Bernie.

The board approved a resolution to appoint Louise as a signing officer. The signing offiicers will be Louise, Treat and Shelagh. We now have a HST number and will have a TD account set up by our next meeting.

Bernie to look into any changes in broadcast mechanical and neighbouring rights. Also look at inflation rate, assume rate based on Conference Board of Canada numbers. Make note of that in our application, especially if it is 0%.

Depreciation numbers to be added to financial projections. Treat to give Peter letters of support for the application. Target filing date: first week of July.

As far as communications, we will set up on Canada Day in Picton and Wellington. Mary to send around email for volunteers for that, as well as the fish fry.

Please send Peter any changes to your personal bio.

Next meeting: July 5th, 2012 at 1pm