Board Minutes January 18, 2012

County Community Radio Minutes for January 18th, 2012

Attended by: Ange Stever, Mary Sinclair, Treat Hull, Shelagh Mathers, John Mather, David Simmonds

Regrets: Conrad Beaubien, Peter Fleming, Doug Monk

Fundraising:  Steve Purtelle from the Acoustic Grill has weekends open in April for a fundraiser, so instead of a series of event, Ange will talk with Steve and start planning a one-day musical fundraiser for April 1st.

Programming:  Ange, John and Treat are hosting a programming meeting January 19th with interested volunteers to compile a list of potential programs.

Incorporation: The statement of purpose was slightly reworked to add ‘public safety’ and now reads, “The purpose of the corporation is to fund and operate a not for profit community radio station that reflects and contributes to the richness, diversity, public safety and economic vitality of Prince Edward County.”

Marketing: Treat and David will set up a workgroup with anyone who expressed an interest in volunteering with market research. The goal is to do a market study by assembling a list of businesses, interviewing owners, record and analyze the results.

Next Meeting to be held Thursday January 26th, 2012 at 1pm