Board Minutes January 26th, 2012

CountyCommunity Radio Minutes for January 26thth, 2012

Attended by: Ange Stever, Mary Sinclair, Treat Hull, Shelagh Mathers, , Peter Fleming, David Simmonds

Regrets: Conrad Beaubien, John Mather, Doug Monk

Fundraising:  David presented a fundraising plan. Trillium grant could bring in the most money but we will need to be registered as a corporation. Deadline is March 12th.

April 1st fundraiser being organized at the Acoustic Grill. Angela will have an update at the next meeting. The board discussed selling memberships for $10 at the event as well as accepting donations.

Incorporation: Our second naming option was approved, “Prince Edward County Radio Corporation”. Waiting for approval for incorporation.

Programming:  Treat, Angela and John met with volunteers interested in programming and Angela will have a draft block program schedule laid out for the next meeting.

Marketing: A marketing survey is being tested , revised and will be ready to go in February.

Other: When preparing operating budget alternatives, include start-up costs with a manager and without a manager. Get CRTC numbers on community radio to see what other stations spent in their first few years.

David will be in contact with Gary Mooney, who will help lay out the financial business plan for the board.

Next Meeting to be held February 9th, 2012 at 1pm