Board Minutes March 22nd, 2012

CountyCommunity Radio Minutes for March 22nd, 2012

Attended by: Ange Stever, Treat Hull, Peter Fleming, Mary Sinclair, Doug Monk, John Mather

Regrets: Conrad Beaubien, Shelagh Mathers

Fundraising: Waiting to hear about incorporation before we discuss selling memberships at April 1st fundraiser.  The board spoke about looking into another Ontario station that is running On Air Bingo, to see if it’s something we would like to pursue.

License Application: Treat and Peter went to Ottawa to visit with the CRTC and NCRA. They spoke about a couple of important things we need to look at when filing our application: Compliance, governance, accessibility and diversity. Moving forward, the board will come up with bylaws to make sure the board is membership-based and not self-serving but for the community. As far as accessibility, we need to make sure members of the community can access the airwaves (community groups etc.). The board will also need to come up with a training schedule for volunteers. Talk with Loyalist College about getting a letter saying we will work with them, to provide training opportunities for students.  As far as diversity goes, it will be important to represent all wards, women, youth, sexual orientation, income level, interests, etc. Letters from community partners from showing their support for the station would be great.

Technical Report:  The board agreed that it was important to reach all wards and that we need to base our decision on the realistic contours. Doug will talk with Jim and report back.

Next Meeting to be held March 29th, 2012 at Noon

-Discuss the April 1st fundraiser

-Update on incorporation

-Technical Update