Minutes of Feb 16 Board Meeting

County Community Radio Minutes for February 16thth, 2012

Attended by: Ange Stever, John Mather, Treat Hull, Shelagh Mathers, Peter Fleming,

Regrets: Conrad Beaubien, Doug Monk, Mary Sinclair

Fundraising:  Organizing for a fundraiser is well underway, with three acts and a dj booked for the Acoustic Grill April 1st. Ange will meet with Steve Purtelle is early March to go over the logistics.

Incorporation: Still waiting to hear about incorporation.

Programming:  The first draft of a programming schedule was shown to the board. Work will continue to gather more details on the specifics of shows and hosts. Ange will send out an email for help in filling in the blanks before the end of the month and the 2nd draft will be ready the March 8th meeting.

Marketing: Instead of having businesses complete a market survey and then going back to them again asking for a letter of support, Treat will focus on talking to business owners about getting a letter of support to show a radio station would be viable from a business perspective.

Other: Peter will start drafting the license application.

The Annual meeting for April, deferred for now.

Next Meeting to be held February 23rd, 2012 at 1pm