July 5, 2012 Board Minutes

County Community Radio Minutes for July 5th, 2012

Attended: Angela Stever, John Mather, Doug Monk, Treat Hull, Mary Sinclair, Shelagh Mathers, Peter Fleming

Absent: Louise McFaul, Bernie Finkelstein

Technical: We need another license application for the stl (studio transmitter link). Currently, Doug is looking into a site on Mowbrey Road to put the antenna, and has made a new friend in the process. Congratulations Doug. However, we should look into the pro’s and con’s of Mowbrey vs the water tower in Bloomfield.

For call signs, we choose the top 3 we would like and they are being submitted: CJPE, CIPE and CKCY

The Trillium Grant application has been delayed until the October funding cycle.

Shelagh to register County FM as a business name.

The application to the CRTC will be filed in the next week. Mary will send out a news release to update the public on our progress, highlighting the application submission, new logo and the signing up of members.

Next Meeting: July 19th, 1:30pm We will discuss plans for fundraising and communications.