Royal Hotel Commits $20,000 to Sponsor Station


99.3 County FM today announced that The Royal Hotel in Picton will become a Platinum Sponsor with a financial commitment of $20,000 toward the station’s start-up costs.

The landmark Royal Hotel was recently purchased by part-time County resident Greg Sorbara. Sorbara’s vision, “is to preserve the building and to rebuild the hotel to make it a focal point for the County and downtown Picton.” Sorbara has heard from and welcomed input from County residents on what they too envision. “It’s amazing the number of ideas that have come forward. I have been delighted with the community’s response.”

“I see our contribution to 99.3 County FM as another way to support the community and to connect the community with the County’s rich past,” said Sorbara.

Under the 99.3 County FM sponsorship program, local businesses which donate $500 or more to the station will receive extensive recognition in the form of on-air sponsorship messages similar to those heard on PBS in the US.

“The Royal Hotel’s contribution comes at an ideal time” said Treat Hull, Chair of the Board of 99.3 County FM. “This is an important vote of confidence from the Royal Hotel. It confirms our belief that local businesses can both support a good cause and get real business benefits by sponsoring the station.”

About the Royal Hotel
(Image above courtesy of Kathleen Sabyan/ The Times)
Picton’s Royal Hotel was built over 120 year ago and has been a focal point for County residents who worked, slept, ate and relaxed there. After a period of decline, the Hotel was bought late last year by GTA developer and County resident Gregory Sorbara. Sorbara is undertaking a total restoration to create a boutique hotel which appeals to both tourists and County residents alike.