Help Wanted!

Help WantedAre you interested in becoming a community radio volunteer? If so, now’s your chance to get involved.
We will be sending out a special newsletter later in March to ask for programing ideas and volunteers for on-air positions. However, while on-air program hosts will be the station’s most visible volunteers, they are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the work required to get the station on the air.
Here are some of the other things which are needed to put the station on the air: administer website, clean the studio, collect receivables, design communications, raise funds, schedule commercials, administer things, send out bills, schedule music, support software, raise money, train volunteers, write the news, produce commercials, gather news, greet visitors….get the picture?
Email to learn more and get involved. No matter what your interests or skills, the station can use your help.