Greg Hinde

Growing up and along with my 8 siblings, I spent time in various places throughout Ontario including a few formative years in Prince Edward County in the late 70’s and early eighties. I left in 1981 and began finding my way in this world. I floundered for much of the eighties, but had one hell of a time in doing so. I met my wife Marivic in 1989 and we married a year later and spent the next several decades raising our wonderful children Jonathan and Victoria in the GTA. Fast forward 37 years and I returned to The County with my wife and we’re loving every minute of it

      I am a self taught musician and multi instrumentalist and spend much of my spare time playing, writing and recording. I work full time out of my home office here in Picton. Additionally I teach music in my home in the evenings. I guess this apple didn’t fall too far from the tree of my father Don Hinde who has been a musical cornerstone here in the County for more than 40 years. I have taught music for ten years and am lucky enough to know the reward of seeing young musicians grow and become their musical selves. Several years ago my father, myself my brothers and a friend ran an annual summer music camp at Mt Tabor in Milford. Again, a very rewarding experience. 

      I have played in many bands through the years and currently I am half of an acoustic duo called Archie Busker. We have played together for 25 years and have performed at several locations here in The County. Outside of family, music is the passion that drives me forward. I tend not to gather moss and am forever doing something musical to keep myself challenged and entertained. 

     I am fortunate enough to be a member of the County FM volunteer family and I thank Craig Mills, Pat Larkin and the entire County FM team for allowing me to host my Wondrous Stories program every Thursday evening at 10:00. On my show I feature the best in progressive rock and I truly appreciate the way the station accepts me as one their own and allows me the autonomy of choosing and writing my own material with no constraint. I look forward to joining the team in future volunteer work here in our community.