Alan Gratias

Alan Gratias has been a resident of Prince Edward County for twenty years. He is a Waupoosian at heart and proudly flies the flag of North Marysburgh where he lives. He is a Montrealer and […]

!For Review

Anne Kennedy

Anne is a contributor to County Cooks covering local chefs and she also volunteers behind the scenes in administration. Anne Kennedy is a recent arrival to the County. Having spent time here while vacationing, Anne […]


Bill McMahon

Bill directs, acts, and scripts radio plays. He’s also worked as a newscaster. Born in Glasgow and raised in TO from age five,  Bill was a Jack of all trades,

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Carole Thimidis

Carole volunteers behind the scenes on reception and Coming Events. Carole was born in Newfoundland, moved to Camp Borden where her father was transferred during the war, then lived in Toronto until 18, married an […]

Behind the Scenes

Chris Parfitt

Chris has been selling National ads and promotions for 99.3 CountyFM since before on-air in 2014.  He is a father of 2, grandfather of 2, a music lover, and a guitar player. For a total […]