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Music at Port Milford Artist Chamber Series

Check out Music and Port Milford’s Summer Concert Events. Every weekend now through August 3rd with performances at St Mary Magdalene church and at Music at Port Milford, in Milford. Learn more at:


Pamela Mayhew

Pamela Mayhew is one of the hosts of Friday’s Artscene.  Pamela is a relative newcomer to the County, arriving in 2022, who has jumped into the Artscene, literally and figuratively. Pamela is an interior designer […]


Mary Ann Farrell

Mary Ann is one of the co-hosts of Friday’s Artscene in addition to being on the Board and assisting with a number of administrative tasks. Mary Ann has over 30 years of arts marketing experience […]


Liz Moran

Liz is a co-host on The County Cooks on the Wednesday Grapevine. She joined the volunteer team in the fall of 2023 and has also assisted behind the scenes on various administrative projects. After a long […]

Behind the Scenes

Helen Morris

Helen Morris is CountyFM’s office co-ordinator and is sometimes referred to as ‘the glue that holds the place together’. Helen moved to the County in 2018 and soon after began volunteering in an admin capacity […]

Feature Story

April 8, 2024 is Our Once in A Lifetime Opportunity to Experience a Total Solar Eclipse in The County

Join 99.3 County FM at Bare Bones Distillery From 1-5 PM on Monday April 8, 99.3 County FM’s Lenni Stewart broadcasts live reports from Bare Bones Distillery (719 Closson Road in Hillier). It’s the Distillery’s special grand […]

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Outsmarting the Scammers

Watch Introductory Video Learn Dates & times of free fraud prevention workshops Listen Original 6 Part Multi-Part Radio Documentary Input Provide your opinions, learn helpful tips to fight fraud and enter to win one of […]

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Tune in to 99.3 County FM and listen to “From the Ground Up” as we provide the Farm Report daily at 6am and 6pm, Monday-Friday.

Check out our extended interviews with members of the agricultural Community as we aim to inform & educate our listeners every Thursday during Grapevine at noon and 6pm. The station’s mandate is to cover the farming industry […]

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The triumph of 99.3 County FM: Great community radio where LOCAL FIRST matters – by Dave Charles, CEO of Media RESULTS Inc.

The triumph of 99.3 County FM (Prince Edward County, Ontario) Great community radio where LOCAL FIRST matters By Dave Charles, CEO of Media RESULTS Inc. ( My wife Rita and I took a three day […]